Software Quality Engineering involves the systematic planning, development, and maintenance of software to ensure it meets high standards of functionality, reliability, and performance.

It encompasses practices like testing, code review, and process improvement to identify and rectify defects early in the software development life cycle.

This discipline employs various methodologies and tools to assess and enhance software quality, striving for optimal user experience and minimal defects.

Continuous monitoring and refinement are crucial, as it ensures that software remains robust, secure, and responsive to changing requirements, ultimately delivering a reliable and satisfactory product to end-users while minimizing operational costs and risks.

Types of Quality Assurance

KYBERIA AI/ML Testing Service Offerings

In the digitization era, a new strategic approach to software testing with latest AI and ML technologies is required while handling end to end business workflows in a complex environment. Through testing AI platforms, we enable our clients to experience their complex applications with adequate security.

Some of the Key challenges are

Ultrafly Solutions structured testing process includes all types of testing to be done as part of IoT, Test Lab setup, Test environment setup,testing tools and simulators that should be deployed.

Our test service offering provides Interoperability testing, Compliance testing, Network compatibility and device level testing, API testing, load testing, service virtualization, test automation and security verification part of our end-to-end testing services for testing IoT implementations.

Different types of tests across entire system components is necessary considering the complexity of the IOT systems architecture and protocols. The key factors that need to be ensured while testing IoT applications are Functional, API, Scalability, Performance, and Security.

The Major Challenges of IoT testing

Our Blockchain Testing Centre of Excellence provides end to end Testing services for Blockchain platforms and implementations.

We leverage the advantage of an independent pure play software testing company. We offer performance testing and solutions to test & evaluate the quality and performance of client IT applications.

We have the knowledge of working with various commercial and open source performance testing tools. We have a dedicated team of performance testing SME’s and Architects who help clients to identify the performance bottlenecks and addressing them during the early stages of SDLC.

DevOps QA & Testing Service Offerings

We have dedicated DevOps SME’s who provide comprehensive DevOps and testing solutions to ensure accelerated time-to-market. As an Independent software testing company, Qobox provides Agile and DevOps services across different domains, backed by its dedicated DevOps SME’s.

Some of the key factors that drive DevOps include

DevOps Assessment and Strategy Planning, DevOps Pilot Framework and Tool Stack Construction, End to end DevOps implementation, Automated Infrastructure provisioning on cloud like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Automate Deployments, Rollouts and Rollbacks.

Digitization Testing Service Offerings

We are a trusted QA partner to serve all your digital testing needs. With proven domain and technical testing expertise and end-to-end testing service portfolio, we address customer challenges in the areas of functionality, API,security, performance, localization,usability, and cross-device compatibility across the entire digital world.

We work closely with our clients in their transformation to DevOps and Agile to ensure time to market and also help our clients to reduce overall regression cycle time for digital applications.

Our mobile test strategy addresses all possible combinations of operating systems, platforms, browsers and networks to ensure optimal test coverage.